It can be used in the treatment of various health problems. Depending on the health problem, mixture of medications is applied on the problematic area and it is effective in this area. Mesothreapy is an advantageous treatment method since amount of the medication infused into the circulation is very little and can reach high concentration in the area to be treated.

How is the treatment process?
Once in a week, the medication is injected into the area to be treated with very thin needles. Results are visible 4 sessions later and the treatment can be continued for 10-20 sessions depending on the severity of the problem.

What kind of follow-up care is needed after the treatment?
The area treated should be protected against infections; activities such as swimming and going to sauna should be avoided.

What are the problems likely to occur during treatment?
Temporary bruising is possible.
Who should not undergo the treatment?
Patients having severe heart diseases
Cancer patients
Patients with severe diabetes
People with clotting problem
Pregnant women

How does it affect regional slimming and cellulite treatment?
If we are the examine the development of this problem, firstly fat is accumulated in the area, and then the accumulated fat pressures the veins and prevents the removal of toxins accumulated in the tissues. Therefore, oedema, or water retention, occurs which, as a result, disrupts the circulation more, causing more fat accumulation. Tissues that are not fed properly are damaged and connective tissue bands emerge which causes the appearance of the cellulite. This situation keeps arising increasingly like a vicious circle. The cellulite which looks like an orange peel causes some deformations and varicose veins. Medication to this area breaks fat into pieces, accelerates circulation and heals the connectivity tissue.

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