Skin Rejuvenation

Betterment of the quality of life and reversing and preventing the effects of aging become more important with the extension of the lifetime. It becomes easier to fight with and avoiding the skin aging after learning about the reasons behind it.

There are two kinds of skin aging:
1. Internal aging determined with genetic factors
It is a genetically programmed aging transferred from parents and it cannot be changed. It is seen at various rates among individuals, thus two people at the same age may experience a very different skin aging.

2. External aging determined with environmental factors
This kind of aging arise with the external impacts on the skin and it accelerates aging process.
The most important factors of environmental aging is the sunlight (photo-aging). Sunlight ruins the collagen in the skin and causes spots and skin cancer.

Besides, smoking, malnutrition, medicines, wrong cosmetic usage, alcohol and drug addiction, stress, hormonal disorders, metabolic and systemic problems are the factors accelerating the skin aging. These kinds of aging may be prevented by taking some precautions.

If you want to see the difference between these two kinds of aging in your body, you should compare the parts not being exposed to the sunlight and your hand skin. Aging in the parts not being exposed to sunlight shows the internal aging, while the other parts show external one. 20 pct of the aging process is made up of internal aging, while 80 pct of it is experienced from external aging.

If we are informed about the aging of the skin, we may learn about preventing and repairing it. Old cells in epidermis die and flake off in time. Younger cells take the place of older ones and this cycle is experienced once in a month. This cycle slows down with aging. Old cells are not renewed and flaked off; the skin becomes rougher, colorless and moisture free.

Deeper skin is made up of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastic fibers. These provide the skin to be tight, stiff and elastic; the structure of collagen and elastic fibers are destroyed with aging. Skin prolapses, becomes thinner, wrinkles and lines come up.

Under-skin adipose tissue takes place at deeper. There is a decline in adipose tissue in time and the skin prolapses by loosing its tight structure. There may also be some changes in bone structure in the late phases.

Thinning, color changes, wrinkles, prolapses, skin tumors, increase in capillaries, dryness and shaded color is seen in the aging skin.

There are two kinds of lines.

Dynamic lines are not the real wrinkles. They are the expressing lines. They arise when you knit your brows and smile. They may turn into permanent lines as far as the epidermis gets older in time. These lines may be treated with botox treatment at early ages.

Static lines are the real lines, they are seen all the time without any expression on your face. It is possible to clear them up with injection and skin resurfacing methods.

A decline in collagen and elastin rate is experienced in the skin at the end of 20s.
We start to see the first aging signs in 30s by realizing that the childhood period has long ended. Muscles prolapse, supraorbital swelling starts. Expression lines start to be seen on foreheads and near the eyes and mouth. Fat concentration may be seen on necks.

Collapses in cheeks become clearer, elasticity declines related with the decline in collagen and adipose tissue in 40s in addition to the changes experienced in 30s. Lines arise near the nose and eyes. Sides of the mouth drop. Spots start to be seen on the skin, capillaries expand, dryness start. Skin pores also expand.
In the ages of 50s and above, all these changes are seen at a greater rate. Prolapses increase and the wrinkles become deeper related with the decline in collagen. Bone structure also starts to be deteriorated.

Skin rejuvenation treatments are formed according to the natural structure of the skin. They aim to reverse and prevent the aging mechanisms. They do not form an artificial look. They do not necessitate any recovery process, they are applied in a short period of time and the people may continue their daily lives after the treatment. It is reliable and comfortable.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.