Skin Macula and Speckles


These are the brown marks with irregular margins in the body parts exposed to sun lights (mostly cheeks, nose, forehead and top of the lips). It is seen among women at 90 pct rate. It is seen less frequently among men. It should be seen by a specialist as there are many other skin problems having the same appearance with melasma. Biopsy may be required if there is suspicious lesions.

What are the Reasons Causing Melasma?

  • It is frequently seen among the people with darker skin. Genetic and racial predispositions have an impact.
  • It is frequently seen in the periods with intenser sun light.
  • Hormonal disorders (ovarium, disorder of thyroid)
  • Pregnancy
  • Medicine usage (contraceptive pills, epilepsy pills, some antibiotics…)
  • Wrong cosmetic usage
How is Melasma Treated?
Melasma treatment should be applied by the specialists. Wrong, uncontrolled or color-breaking cosmetic usage may cause the problem to become worse. It makes the treatment harder. The depth of the spot should be determined with an examination and treatment plan should be formed after it. The treatment should continue for a few months and the medical advices should be followed in this period of time.

Sunlight Protection
Sunlight protection should be provided for the treatment as the most important step. High factor skin creams and lotions should be used by taking the properties of the skin into consideration. Patients should not go out in day time with intense sunlight or they should use hat and glasses. It is a big mistake to neglect the treatment in winter time by imagining that the sunlight will not create any problem. The real reason of the problem should be found out to be treated and suitable cosmetic products should be used. Usage of the cosmetics causing irritation in the skin turns the melasma into a harder stage.

Color-breaking and Skin Renewal Medicines and Cosmetics
  • Hydroquinone
  • Cholic acid
  • Retinoic acid
  • Azelaic acid
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Fruit acid
Below listed treatments should be applied singly and in combination;
  • Chemical peeling
  • Laser-IPL treatment
  • Microdermabrasion
Some other problems may arise in the skin related with the increase in pigment number. Advanced examination may be required if these problems are needed to be treated with a better dermatological exam.

Color darkening is seen in the whole body skin. Some hormonal and metabolic diseases may cause this problem. (Thyroid and suprarenal insufficiencies, hemacromatozis….)

Colors may run from light brown to black. They may be either flat or tumourous. They may become bigger in older ages.
Some of the nevus malignant (malign) or they have the malignancy potential. Thus, they should be examined well and biopsy may be required.

These are the small brown spots in the skin parts exposed to sunlight (frequently on the face, hands and neck). They are frequently seen in the old ages. They come up in the deficiency of protection from sunlight. Color breakers and laser may be used for treatment.

MACULA (Ephelides)
These are the small brown spots. They have hereditary properties. They may be seen in all parts of the body. However, they are frequently seen in the face and arms. They may increase in number with sunlight.

In addition to all these, spotting may be seen in the skin after the removal of acnes or surgeries. Color breakers and laser should be applied for treatment.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.