Acne - Pustule

Sebaceous gland to overrun in the skin, store the fats and plug the pores and bacteria to increase in number and suppurate cause pustules. 85 pct of the people experience such a problem between the ages of 11 and 30. Some of these pustules heal spontaneously, while some others continue to create problems until the ages of 40-50.

They are generally seen in the face, neck, shoulder and breasts. Acne is not an important health problem. However it may cause serious psychological stress in patients.

Acnes that are neglected to treat cause spots in shin and the treatment becomes harder in that stage.

Although the factors causing acne have not been known well, its relation with some factors are known.

The increase in the level of androgen hormones causes the skin to store more fat. This activates the mechanism causing acne.

Genetic factors have a serious impact as these factors cause predispositions for some individuals. Patients generally have family members experiencing the same acne problem.

Hormonal changes in pregnancy may cause acne.

Some medicines may cause acne. It makes the treatment of acne harder if factor is not paid attention.

Using wrong cosmetic products cause a different kind of acne problem known as cosmetic acne.

Factors Worsening Acne Problem

  • Stress
  • Irritating the skin
  • Environmental factors (closed, humid, fatty environment)
  • There is an increase in acne problem before menstrual periods in the majority of women patients.

Misinformation about Acne Problem

  • Fatty foods used to be known as causing acne, however there has not been any proved direct relationship between them.
  • Stress does not cause acne but may worsen it.
  • It is wrong that dirty skin cause acne.


Problems start to be recovered just after the start of the treatment. New acne formation and acne spots may be prevented. Some medicines used for treatment may cause irritation in the skin, this is normal however medicines should also be changed if there has been an overreaction in the skin.

Acne is a treatable problem. Suitable skin cleanser and moisturizers should be used and necessary medical treatment should be chosen.

There is not any need to change nutrition for this treatment.

Developments in acne treatment with laser and phototherapy form a new alternative for the ones experiencing acne problems. These are the treatments that are easy to apply. In this treatment, bacteria causing acne are removed. It is applied twice within a month and the recovery is started to be seen after the 4th or 5th session. It is applied for around 8-10 sessions, in average. There has not been any problem seen except rash.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.