Genetic Tests

The genetically conveyed risks can be detected by use of some tests. According to such risks, with nutrition habits, exercise programs and the protective medication, potential diseases are tried to be prevented. Moreover, the diseases that you have a high probability of encountering because of genetics (coagulopathies, immune system diseases, rheumatic diseases, diabetics, metabolic syndrome, cancer, osteoporosis, coronory, brain and vascular diseases) are determined with their risks and earlier diagnosis and cure are enabled.

The checks to be made for your health monitoring are detected. Which vitamins should you use? How should you eat? Which sports should you practice? How can you live, briefly, according to your genes? These are the questions that are answered exclusively for each person. Therefore, it helps you focus on the personel suggestions prepared according to your needs, your nutrition according to your genetic structure, determine your style of life and reach the highest level of health.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.