Skin Care and Cosmetic Consultancy

It is planned after the evaluation of the skin structure and the problems of the patient. Every type and age of skin has its own characteristics. The products that you are satisfied with in your 30s may be insufficient in your 40s. Moreover, if there are such skin diseases as drying, oil, acnes, skin blemishes, capillary broadening, allergics and other skin problems, the treatments for these such as skin care, peeling and dermo-cosmetic product use are planned accordingly. In the origins of many problems with the skin are the use of cosmetics that are not suitable for the characteristics of the skin or the allergic reactions caused by the products.

What is skin care?
An intensive skin cleansing with the cleansers suitable for the skin, nutritive lotions and masks through the disposal of extra oil and dead cells and the sustenance of the substances needed by the skin from the outside.

What are derma-cosmetic products?
The substances that have positive effects on the functions of skin and its tissues are called the dermo-cosmetic products. This group of products are half medication and half cosmetics. Their effects and curing features are more than cosmetics and less than medication.

The greatest cause in the aging of the skin is the sun. It may cause a large variety of health problems in addition to aging as well as cancer in the skin. For this reason, an effective sun protection is needed for all skin types. A cleanser that is suitable for the structure of the skin and the day creams and if necessary, night creams, serums and eye creams must be used.
These must be planned in consideration of the structure of the skin and the problems of the skin and if necessary, anti-blemish creams, cell renewal, anti-acne, tightening products and antioxidants must be included into the treatments.

What are the nutritional supplements?
After the evaluation of the general health and skin structure of the patient, the oral use of antioxidants, vitamins minerals and food supplements may be advised.

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