It is a treatment that was discovered in 1950s in France. Although it is still discussed in some medical circles today, it continues developing and being accepted gradually.

It is the injection of small doses of some of the special medication, vitamins, trace elements into the skin.
It may be applied on pale, pallid, dry and wrinkled skin. The treatment lasts for 10 minutes. Slight swelling, glows and hepatization may take place. Reiterating sessions may be needed according to the condition of the skin. Circulation is regulated, cell metabolism speeds up and tissues are revitalized, according to the effect of the medication. Moisture of skin increases and brightness is gained.

Skin Rejuvenation (Mesolift)
In time, with the processes of internal aging (genetic) and external aging (sun, smoking, ait pollution..), the immunity of skin gets weaker and it starts failing to prevent the outer factors and starts aging. It becomes dry, pale, and wrinkled. Various mesolift alternatives are available according to the problem detected in the skin of the patient. The developments in cosmetics are very rapid while there is no other possibility of yielding the same results with mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a useful weapon against aging skin. Although surgical intervention has been decided for the skin, it is also possible to provide the surgeons with healthy skins.

Young – healthy skin is elastic and tight. This characteristic is lost in time. The skin of the face and the body starts hanging after birth, aging, sudden weight changes etc. With mesotherapy, some of the aminoacids, vitamins, minerals and procirculatory substances help in renewing the tissues and also some of the medication such as DMAE directly increase the tightness of tissues and show their effect. Reiterating injections are required.

The DNA of salmon has similarities with human DNA. After its application, a remarkable increase of moisture and vitality in skin is provided.

Hyaluronic acid (HA)
It is very important for the health of the skin. It is available intensively in normal skin while its lessening due to aging causes loss of moisture and tightness in the skin. With the injections on face, hands and lower neck, remarkable increase of moisture and tightness is seen in the skin.

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