Rejuvenation of Skin with IPL

IPL- known also as Photorejuvenation, is the skin rejuvenation (skin renewal) is an operation used for removing the traces of aging in the neck, face, breasts and hands.

It is effective with the principle of increasing the building of collagen tissues under the skin.

This application that may be done at the clinic must definitely done by a doctor, who has been educated in the field. The treatment program consists of four to six sessions that last for 10 minutes and are applied with breaks of three-four weeks.

What is cured by skin renewal with IPL?
It has the capacity of curing the various symptoms of the aging of your skin in every session. Among these symptoms are thin lines, deterioration in the tissue of skin, the lessening of skin tightness and elasticity, blemishes and capillary vessels.

The result is a young, pure and vital face. IPL also treats the blemishes on the hands, breast and neck and other aging signs as well as color disorders.

For whom is this application suitable?
If you have signs of aging or a skin that is worn out because of the sun, you may have a younger and healthier skin with skin renewal by IPL.

How is skin renewal with IPL applied?
Gel is applied on the area of application before the application and special goggles are provided to protect your eyes from the IPL laser light.

During the application: The top of the IPL device is touched on your skin and intensive light rays are reflected. This application is generally painless. The treatment sessions generally last for 10-15 minutes and an entire program consists of sessions between four and six sessions.

After the application: You may immediately turn back to your normal life and activities. Glows that disappear in a short while may occur. You will see a gradual betterment after each session and you will encounter with a remarkable recovery after the treatment program.

The treated skin is more fragile against the sun for two or three weeks after the treatment and it is generally not applied on sun tanned skin.

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