Skin Rejuvenation by Laser

This is another kind of phototherapy. This treatment is done with two different techniques. The laser devices used are different.

A. Ablative skin renewal method: The upper tissues of the skin are totally removed and this part becomes an open wound. The face needs to be covered throughout the recovery process. However, it provides a very effective skin renewal. Since this application requires a certain period of recovery and bears some risks it is not used very often.

B. Non-ablative skin renewal: This is the renewal that is done by stimulating the collagen tissue underneath the skin without harming the top layers of the skin. Its effect is weaker in comparison to the first method. It is a more preferrable method since it is risk-free.

It shows its effect by increasing the collagen tissue in the middle layer of the skin. It decreases the lines and narrows down the pores. It corrects the scars and acne scars on the skin. Reiterating applications must be done. The duration of the treatment is approximately 10 minutes. No problems are seen except for slight glows. Its application is quite comfortable.

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