Skin Fillings

The elastic and flashy outlook of the young skin is formed by the collagen, elastine tendons and hyaluronic acid. As the skin grows old, the structure of these substances spoils and they decrease in amount. Thus, the skin starts to hang, collapse or wrinkle. The lost structures are put back in their place by using the filling substances and a younger and healthier outlook is achieved.

The "hyaluronic acid" (HA), which is used as a filling material has been used since the 1990s and many safe applications were made across the world. The hyaluronic acid, which is contained naturally in the human and animal body, combines with water and provides moisture, stretch and fullness in the skin. During the aging, the HA production in the skin decreases and elasticity and moisture is lost.

How are filling materials effective?
The filling materials are selected according to the part and the depth they will be used. The products with small particles are used with thinner lines and larger particles are used with broader lines.

With a simple HA injection, the lost volume is regained and the lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

After the injection, the filling materials combine with the body tissues. They allow for the natural passing of the oxygen, hormone and nutritive elements. They provide a healthy and natural outlook. It is disposed off of the body after a while with the biological processes.

For what are the filling materials used?
• Treatment of acne scars
• Making the lips more flashy and correction of the contours
• Wrinkles around the eye (crows feet)
• Wrinkles around the mouth
• Wrinkles on the forehead
• Correction of the face contour
To whom the are not applied?
• Pregnant and nursing mothers
• Under the age of 12
• The ones who receive immunesuppressive treatment with the allergics diagnosis
• It is not injected on the active infection area.

How are filling materials applied?
Local anesthetic cream is applied 15 minutes before the injection. The filling materials are injected to the skin with very tiny needles. Very small scale of discomfort may be felt.

The duration of the treatment is 10 minutes in average. The treatment is simple and safe. The results are obtained immediately.

You may have the application at lunch break and then continue with your daily life.

What are the side effects of the fillling materials?
Temporary swelling, glows, pain, itching and bruises on the injection area.

The risk of allergy caused by the materials is almost zero (1 our of eveyr 2000 patient on average), which is also temporary.

How long does the effect of the filling materials last?
The permanency of the filling materials varies according to the patient and the materials used. The skin, age and lifestyle of the patient are important. The permanency of the materials lasts from 9 to 24 months. With reiterating injections, the period can be made longer.

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