PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

In this treatment, the aim is to stimulate and renew the old and damaged skin and under-skin tissues.

Many changes occur in the skin during aging. The changes in the ligament are very important problems in the aging process. The key item of the ligament are the collagen and elastic staples and with the process of aging, the amount of these staples decease and their structure starts to get spoiled and advances within the years. In this method, some of the factors that we know that the body makes use of during its self-healing in the blood are taken from the blood and concentrated to be injected to the area of treatment. Thus, a process of stimulation starts with the cells of the body.

This method is a very significant treatment since no foreign substances are used.

How is the treatment applied?
A certain amount of blood is taken from the patient. The red and white blood cells are separated from the plasma with a special gel. Some of the growth factors that accelerate the betterment of the tissues and the blood cells are obtained and applied with injection on the area.

To whom it is not applied?
People with impaired blood clotting
Anticoagulant users
People with infection
People with liver disease

What are the side effects?
Infection and bruises may occur.

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