Radio frequency

It is a very popular treatment applied in recent years. Number of collagen fibres decreases during the aging process, their structure is damaged which results in loose and drooping skin. The only solution for this problem was face lift in the past. Yet, today there are alternative methods. In radio frequency treatment, radio waves transmitted deep inside the skin are turned into heat. Thus, collagen fibres are stimulated, increase in number and are reshaped. As a result, the skin is tightened, and loose tissues recuperate.

IPL and laser technologies cannot affect such deep layers.
The treatment with radio frequency is painless and does not require any recovery period. A session takes around 30 minutes and the treatment is repeated for 6-10 sessions depending on the condition of the patient. It is safe and easy to apply. It is an alternative to face lift, but it should not be expected to be as effective as the surgical operation. It tightens up the loose skin around chin, cheeks and neck.
The treatments we briefly examine here affect different mechanisms in skin aging. Sometimes, it is possible to have successful results by applying a number of methods meeting the needs of the skin instead of applying only one method.

If you have aging problems in your sking, you should ask the professional opinion of an expert. After finding answers to questions “What treatment(s) do you need?”, “How will you benefit from the treatment?”, “What are the risks?”, “What are the alternative treatments?” , “What points should you take into consideration?”, you should decide on the treatment with realistic expectations.

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