Nutrition Programs

A multidisciplinary approach must be adopted in weight management programmes. The patient should have a general examination by a physician, have the necessary tests done; his/her psychological state should be evaluated and necessary support should be given. Fat and water percentages in the body, body mass index and basal metabolism rate should be measured with body analysis devices. Considering the results of all the examinations and measurements, expert dieticians should prepare an eating programme specific to the person. It should be ensured that the person loses weight by eating all the necessary food sufficiently and in a balanced way. In the diets, extreme limitations on the food cause stress in and hampers adaptation for patients. Instead, patients should be trained on the diet right for them and the weights loss should be permanent. As long as the patients are aware of the calories and nutrition values in the food they consume, they can always achieve good results.

During these programmes, patients should regularly see their physician, psychologist and dietician and receive full support.

In conclusion, eating habits should be changed positively and patients should be given training on balanced and sufficient eating.

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