Lipo cavitation

What is lipo cavitation?
It is a non-surgical method regarded as an alternative to liposuction in destroying undesired fat.

How does lipo cavitation affect?
It is a system using ultrasound waves. These waves cause positive and negative pressure, damaging fat cells. The fat released from the damaged cells is accumulated through lymphatic circulation and then eliminated by the body through blood flow.

What can lipo cavitation be used to treat?
It is recommended particularly for people having excessive fat deposits. It is also used for cellulite treatment, regional slimming, body shaping and weight reduction.

What are the side effects?
It should definitely be applied by experts as it is a very effective method. The fat released following the treatment causes rise in the blood fat and patients are recommended to consume fat-free food, drink plenty of water and do gentle exercises.

When does the treatment show its effects?
Response to treatment varies from person to person as in every treatment.

How is the treatment process?
The treatment consists of 1-8 sessions, applied once in 1-2 weeks. Duration of the treatment is around 15-30 minutes on average depending on the treatment area. It does not cause any complaints except for slight heat.

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